Top Apartment Amenities to Consider

Apartments in Brisbane are known to pamper its residents with amenities. Access to apartment conveniences is one of the top reasons of buying an apartment or a condo. Buyers are naturally drawn to buildings offering the most features. However, keep in mind that the more amenities offered, the higher condo or apartment fees are charged. These comforts don’t come for free, they are part of your property purchase and you have to pay for its maintenance.

Here are some of the most common apartment amenities for your consideration when choosing an apartment in Brisbane. Find a building that offers all or most of your needs and discard the ones that includes a lot of features that are not significant to you.

Round-the-clock Security

Security is a topmost priority for most apartment owners. Being able to leave home for long stretches of time without having to worry of intrusion and break-ins is important to frequent travellers. And the good layer of security is a comfort to young families, single dwellers, and the elderly. If security is a top priority for you, check the apartment security features like on-site security personnel, alarms, front-door access, security cameras, and visitor screening system.

Internet Access

The virtual world is now a way of life. Everyone ‘needs’ to be online all the time. A good internet connection is a must to some people and a great value to most. If you’re one of those who requirements internet accessibility, it is advised that test access while checking out the unit. Turn on your mobile phone to test connectivity and speed. For off-the-plan apartment purchases, get internet connection assurance from developers.

Fitness Centres

Fully equipped gyms and fitness centres are common to most Brisbane apartments. The healthy lifestyle is high in the priority list of would-be apartment owners. Easy access to state-of-the-art gym facilities allows you to exercise without leaving the building and promotes a fit and healthier lifestyle. It also means a lot of savings for established wellness enthusiasts. Visit the facilities and ask for the traffic.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Most apartment buildings boost of having swimming pools available for its residents’ use. Rooftop pools, indoor pools, or resort type swimming pools are installed to increase apartment value and inspire luxurious living. Additional facilities could include sauna, steam room, whirlpool tub, and changing rooms. Swimming is also a good form of exercise and many include swimming in their fitness routine. Many pool areas are open to visitors and with management permission, could be a venue for parties hosted by a resident. Check out the pool facilities of the building.

Outdoor Spaces

The lack of outdoor spaces is one of the disadvantages of buying an apartment compared to a house. You don’t have a backyard, a front lawn, or a garden space. To address this drawback, many apartments now include ample outdoor spaces into their plans. Rooftop gardens, spacious balconies, mini parks, and garden nooks are incorporated to provide residents with more breathing space.

Business Centres

Business centres, meeting rooms, or conference rooms are becoming important apartment feature are more and more people are working in the virtual office. The increasing popularity of the laptop lifestyle is creating the need for ready access to established and fully equipped boardrooms.

Visitor Parking

Only one or two apartment parking spaces come with the property. While most apartments in Brisbane offer several parking stalls for visitors, these may not be enough to accommodate everyone. If you are expecting frequent friends and family visits, go for apartments with more visitor parking spaces. There are also people who prefer exclusivity, privacy, and less visitors – thus, the preference for apartments with limited visitor parking.

Community Centres

Community centres are multi-purpose rooms that can be used as however the residents needs it. It can be a meeting room, a recreational area, a party venue, or a community command centre when needed. Community centres and halls are available for free to residents and often rented out to outsiders to generate income for the owners’ corporation.

Concierge Services

The more upscale apartments is Brisbane include a front-desk and concierge services to handle the various needs of its residents. This luxury amenity makes the day-to-day living easier for the residents. Services usually include visitor screening, laundry services, carwash, valet, mail management, pet services, shopping, and reservations.