The Perks of Downsizing

The tiny home movement is catching on and there are less and less people craving for larger homes. Few millennials are getting into the trappings of living large, or in larger homes. Downsizing, or the process of moving into smaller abodes after living in large homes is also a trend. New apartments in Brisbane are sprouting up fast everywhere in the city, to accommodate the growing number of Brisbanites opting for the leaner and more meaningful way of living.

Greener Lifestyle

A smaller house needs less energy to heat, light, and cool. Less energy usage also means lower utility bills. There are no empty and unused rooms to be cleaned, decorated, and maintained. Smaller homes and apartments occupy less space and contribute less carbon footprint.

Financial Freedom

Brisbane apartments are generally more affordable than single detached homes. Smaller homes also cost less. This means less mortgage payments, more savings, and added financial freedom. Instead of paying for a huge home, funds can be channelled to investments and other income-generating pursuits. In fact, more financially intelligent and secured people live in modest homes that satisfy their needs than those in lavish mansions.

Less Unimportant Acquisitions

With a smaller home, you will never have empty walls to decorate, large closets to fill, and empty rooms to keep. Every inch of space will be optimized for key items and much needed storage.  You will never need a second fridge, decorate and extra bedroom, or buy extra linens that will probably stay unused. You can save on unimportant buys and splurge on the few items that matters to you – like a state-of-the-art kitchen, designer curtains, or a really luxurious bed.

Easier to Upkeep

In most Brisbane apartments, housecleaning is done less than an hour a week. For smaller homes with gardens, it could be over in couple of hours. For large homes, cleaning is a major event – could take most of your weekend, and in some cases, hired cleaners are necessary to do the job.

More Time for Leisurely Activities

Downsizing frees you more time to spend on activities you love. Less mortgage payments, lowered bills, and easier to maintain homes give you the freedom to do what you enjoy doing. You’re no longer bound to work and earn more to cover expenses. So you’re free to travel, spend time with friends and family, indulge in creative activities you love, and live a more meaningful life.

Pulling Families Closer

People living in smaller homes are generally happier. They talk more often, do things together, and see each other more. Kids do not stay alone in their bedrooms for long spans of time. Moms are not alone in the kitchen, while the rest of her family are in the other side of the house. They banter, talk, watch TV, and spend time together for longer.

Less Focus on Materialism

Large homes means more room to fill, more stuff to buy, and higher expectations. It pressures the individual to earn more and come up with the expectations of living in a big house. Downsizing will free you of that burden. No one will expect you to throw large parties in your small home, or drive a second or third car, or for you to own an expensive collection of paintings. So you focus more on just being you, doing the things you love.

Apartments in Brisbane offer the perfect solution for people who want to downsize and still be within the city. Call us to know the best Brisbane apartments that will fit your needs and click here to get in touch with the best real estate agents who can help you with all your real estate needs.