The Advantages of Retiring in the City

To many, retirement meant downsizing, going to the country, smaller house, a garden patch, and maybe some pets. However, recent trends show that more and more Gen Xers and Ys are not planning on retiring the traditional way. City retirement is increasingly the favoured way of enjoying life after middle age. It is not surprising that a number of Brisbane apartments are dedicated to serving and accommodating the elderlies.

There are many good reasons why people decide to forego the quiet life in the country and prefer retiring in the city. Here are seven of the most significant advantages of retiring in the city;

Access to the Best Medical Care

As we age, we need more medical attention and care. People of advanced age also need to see their health care provider more often. The best doctors and other medical care providers and the most complete medical facilities are in the big cities. It is then prudent to be near the care you would need sooner or later. Living in the country puts you at risk of not getting the needed medical attention during emergencies.

Access to Assistance and other Services


House cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands, and other odd tasks can be easily taken cared of if you’re living in the city. Food can be ordered and delivered if cooking proved too much of an effort. In the city, you can get all the help you need while maintaining your independence.

Safe Housing

The elderlies are never been safer and well taken care of than in city homes. Several apartments in Brisbane offer peaceful, secured, and serviced residences for people in the golden age. It is also more affordable and convenient to live in serviced apartments than venturing it out on your own in remote houses with neighbours far in between.

Restaurants and Dining Experience

Dining and gastronomic experience is always more diverse and exciting in the city. You can always find something that you can consider as staple – a place you will return to regularly. And then you also have the opportunity of enjoying a deliciously different meal every day of your life.

Variety of Entertainment Options

The golden age is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. The city have endless entertainment options to please anybody of any age. There are theatres, parks, golf clubs, museums, libraries, movie houses, malls, shopping centres, swimming pools, musical recitals, major sports events, concerts, clubs, and theme parks – most of which are just walking distance from your apartment.

Easy Transportation

Getting around may become less and less stress-free as one gets older. Sooner or later, a senior will eventually have to give up driving due to many reasons including fading eyesight, motor skills, and mobility. It is also good to forego the stress of driving. You can only afford such if you are living in a city with many accessible transportation and commuting options.

Livelier Social Activities

Everyone loves to socialise. The city can provide you endless socialization opportunities – from senior clubs, cooking classes, and golf tournaments to church groups, apartment neighbours, and dog parks. There are also civic clubs, community centres, and hobby clubs that are open to anyone interested. Do not limit yourself to the few same-age people you meet in the village.

City living have never been more sensible and exciting for retirees and empty-nesters. The right apartment can complement your needs and safety without sacrificing life’s comforts. Call us to know the best Brisbane apartments for you and click here to get in touch with the best real estate agents who can help you with all your real estate needs.