Family, Kids and Apartment Living

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It is customary for growing Australian families to live in a house, with a good-sized yard, fenced, maybe a pool or a garden. But the recent years have seen a shift in the housing trends. Brisbane apartment residents are mostly singles and couples. However, more and more parents are now raising their families in the city, living in apartments.

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Initially designed to cater adult residents, are apartments really safe for young children? Are they equipped to accommodate growing families and their needs?

The Advantages

Cost Efficient

Brisbane apartments are more affordable than single family homes. In many instances, apartment is the financially sensible housing option for singles, couples, and smaller families in the city. The lower cost of buying or renting an apartment works better for a growing family’s budget. Living in an apartment also saves you a lot of home maintenance expenses like roof repairs, fence maintenance, and outdoor repainting.

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Apartment buildings come with amenities for its residents. Pools, spa, gyms, recreation rooms, and business centres are some of the usual facilities offered. Although use of the facilities comes with a fee, it is usually minimal and a lot more affordable than setting up and maintaining your own. The amenities are also run and maintained by the admins, so for a small fee and adherence to the house rules, you’re free to use without the hassle of its maintenance.

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Less Commute

Prime location is another key advantage of apartment living. Most, if not all residents of Brisbane apartments work or have businesses within few blocks from home. Raising your family in an apartment means you can walk to and from work. Parks, supermarkets, schools, and other city facilities are most likely within easy walking distances. In-house amenities like gyms and pools also save residents from driving to and from outside facilities.

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Less Maintenance Work

Parents are busiest when kids are younger. Babies and toddlers demand most of their time and attention. Housekeeping and even jobs become second priorities. Apartment buildings are run by administrators who overlook the maintenance work of the building. Chores like backyard work, fencing, roof cleaning, and pool cleaning are taken care of. House cleaning is limited to the five or six rooms of the apartment, a lot less compared to the usual 10 room, two-storey house in the suburbs. That’s a huge help to busy young parents.

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Most apartments in Brisbane are fortified with front door security personnel, access doors and elevators, and CCTV monitoring cameras. Home installation of similar security facilities will cost a small fortune. Newer apartments also come with underground and secured parking facilities, monitored indoor playgrounds, and guest screening front desk officers, heightening the security of its residents.

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Closer Community

Apartment owners live closer to each other and thus tend to develop a closer sense of community. Communal areas like recreational rooms, lobby, corridors, elevators, garden, gyms, and swimming pools become meeting places where residents meet, chat, get to know, and develop relationships with their neighbours. Children raised in apartments develop life-long friendships with other kids in the building, the door man, the building supervisor, and even the gardener!

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The Challenges


Most apartments are designed for singles, couples, and smaller families. Raising a family in an apartment could mean giving up a home office, a grand piano, a den, or an extra guest room. You will have to live with room sharing for kids, smaller kitchens, and smaller closets.

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Complaints from Neighbours

It is normal for younger kids to be boisterous and loud. But not all neighbour would welcome running kids in the hallway, noisy elevators, or loud babies crying through their walls.

Higher Cost of Living

Everything in the city is pricier. In the city, there is little chance for you to grow your own food and a lot easier to just buy cooked meals. Kids are exposed to the more expensive lifestyle and paid entertainment. Schools, parking, and even coffee is dearer in the city.

Shared Facilities

You will have to share your apartment’s facilities with other residents. Swimming pools, gyms, recreation rooms, and in some more affordable apartments, the laundry rooms are shared. Users are asked to follow usage protocols to ensure safe, orderly, and fair usage.

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Now, it is no longer uncommon to see families living in apartments. Families living in apartments are young couples, with plans to move to bigger homes in the suburbs once the babies start coming. What made then stay? Is it the amenities, the proximity to everything, or the city lifestyle? Is it the no traffic jam routine? The extra time they are able to spend with the family? Or is it the simple joy of extra hour sleep daily?

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