Engaging Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

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Are you dreading the coming colder and rainy days? Brisbane is at its best sunny and bright! But what about the stormy days? It is still Brisbane, and storms only make it more interesting. A gloomy day in the city can’t be that bad. There are countless exciting, fun, and engaging activities you can enjoy during rainy days, right in the city, and in the comforts of your Brisbane apartment.

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For the singles, young couples, or retirees, here are some entertaining and fun activities to help pass the rainy days;

Catch up with your reading

The cold and rainy season is the best time to catch up on your reading. Nothing is more cosy and relaxing than spending the day curled on your bed or the couch and getting lost in a book. Prepare a pot of hot choco to complete your day.

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Get into some creative fun with scrapbooking. You can work on a travel scrapbook, your family, your pet’s story, or your love journey with your significant other. Scrapbooks are creative and engaging projects that will take your mind off the gloomy weather.

Hit the gym

Gloomy days are not the best of days to go out and enjoy a stroll, a run, or a hike. But don’t let the rain or the cold stop you from exercising. Most Brisbane apartments include a gym or a fitness centre as part of their featured amenities. Hit the gym and enjoy exercising in a more comfortable setting.

Bake some goodies

Spend time in the kitchen creating your favourite treats. Baking is one of the best and most rewarding activities for colder days. Bake some pastries, cakes, muffins, cookies, and other scrumptious treats. Heat up that oven now!


Cultivate a garden

Gardening is a therapeutic and engaging activity you can enjoy in the comforts of your apartment. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs are popular for balcony or kitchen gardens. You get to enjoy the blooms and fresh produce. Gardening is also a great form of exercise.

Invite your friends for a movie marathon

Round up some friends and invite them over for a cosy day and night of movies, food, and drinks! Making it a pyjama party; more comfortable and fun!

Organise your closet

Be productive and turn a miserable rainy day into a productive one. Clean, organise and declutter your closet. This unpleasant and arduous task is perfect to get you energised during boring days. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised to discover hidden and forgotten gems of an outfit!

woman organising closet

Redecorate the apartment

Been thinking of re-arranging the furniture, repainting the walls, or installing a new headboard? Well, rainy days and cold days are the perfect time for an indoor DIY project. Make it more fun by calling a friend to help.

Fancy dinner with your SO

Nothing is more exciting than spending the whole day cooped up with your significant other. So plan for a wonderful day together. Spend the day preparing a fancy dinner and the night enjoying it together.

Indulge in beauty treatments

Too lazy to get out and visit your favourite beauty salon? Bring the salon to your home! Enjoy a guiltless indulgence of a spa, massage, and other beauty treatments right in the comforts of your home. You can also DIY or indulge with a friend.

women beauty treatment

Invite siblings for board games

Remember the crazy, noisy, and fun times with your siblings? Bring it back with your favourite board games! Prepare your favourite foods as kids, to nourish you for the long and enjoyable night! Also, a good time to catch up on each other!

Table tennis games

You don’t need to go outside or to a gym to enjoy a lively ballgame. You can set up a table tennis game right in your apartment. Just clear a table and prop up the net. Nobody to play with? Set up the table against a wall!

Work on a giant puzzle

Bored and alone in your apartment? Get a healthy dose of challenge and mental stimulation from the biggest puzzle you can find.

man giant puzzle

Hang out at the pool room

A lot of Brisbane apartments feature indoor swimming pools as part of their building amenities. You can still enjoy a good swim even when the weather is not too bright and sunny. You might even meet a really nice neighbour while you’re at it.

Plan your future

Take advantage of the downtime to make your plans, thoughts, and ideas more concrete. Whether it is a business idea, and investment strategy, or career development plan, put it in writing, do some research, create a detailed plan.

At Home with Kids

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It is never fun hanging out with bored kids. Creative and fun activities can help entertained kids during cooped up days. Here are some family activities that you and your kids can enjoy;

Build play houses and forts

Indulge your kids in a make-believe game with play houses and forts. It might look messy, but your kids would surely love the experience. Let them help in the tidying up too!

child play house forts

Pancake breakfasts

No school and no work days are the best days for a family. It means sleeping in, spending more time in bed, and long breakfasts! Make breakfasts more fun and enjoyable by making their favourite pancakes.

War games

Got a couple of kids bouncing off the walls? Transform your entire apartment into a war game zone. Let your kids have fun stalking, capturing, and strategizing. Join in the morass, and be specific and tough with your safety rules.

Cookie bake fest fun

Kids love cookies, you can hardly keep them away from the cookie jar! Make cookies even more fun by doing a cookie bake fest at home. Baking, mixing, and designing their own cookies is a creative learning activity to help pass the time. And they also get to enjoy cookies!

family cooking baking

Read stories together

Entertain your kids with stories! Reading to and with your child helps develop their love for reading and literature. It also opens up their imagination, build up their emotional quotient, and encourage independent thinking.

Learn magic tricks

Children love magic. Make it better by learning magic tricks together! You can find easy-to-follow magic instructional books. Culminate the day with a magic show where everyone gets to show their newly acquired skill.

Simple science experiments

Embolden inquisitive minds with simple science experiments. Safe and simple experiments that explain how things work are best to encourage resourcefulness, creativity, learning, and inventiveness. It’s never too early to start your kids on their scientific quests.

kid experimenting science

Dress up and take family portraits

Playing dress up is one of the favourite games of young children growing up. Why not join in the fun, and immortalise the day by taking family portraits!

Redecorate their rooms

Make your day-at-home productive and memorable. Work together with your kids to redecorate their room. Getting their inputs and suggestions will encourage independence, decisiveness, and confidence. It will be a creative bonding time for you.

Go artsy

Encourage their creativity and introduce your kids to the world of arts! Watercolour painting, paper cutting, drawing, and scrapbooking are perfectly artistic and engaging activities for cold and wet days.

kid arts

Learn to play a musical instrument

Learning something new is always engaging. Learning a new skill, language, or a musical instrument give instant gratification and feedback. Learning how to play a musical instrument encourages perseverance, hard work, and artistic enjoyment.

Watch their favourite movies

Any child would have a list of his or her favourite movies. Binge watch a couple of your kid’s favourites and a couple of yours. That will surely be a crazy good time for your family.

Fun board games

Board games are designed to entertain. The appropriate and child-friendly game will keep your kids preoccupied and engaged for hours. Monitor the game and help them develop the capacity of being a gracious winner and loser.

board games

Create a family scrapbook

Scrapbooking is an extremely creative project anyone can enjoy. A family scrapbook project done with your kids inspires closeness and belongingness. Not a bad idea for a stormy day.

There are a lot more fun indoor activities you can enjoy alone or with your family. Just be creative and enthusiastic in making your day count, despite being cooped up in your apartment. Identify things and activities you enjoy, and look for ways to make them more interesting and engaging.

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