Living Alone May Be the Best Times of Your Life

Going solo is not really a bad idea! Despite the negative social connotations to the living on your own has become more and more popular. More and more people I know realise the advantages of having their own house or apartment in Brisbane. Living the way you like, being in total control of your life, and freedom from life’s many burdens are just some of the perks of living alone. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a place of your own;

Provides our comfort place

Everyone likes to create and have our own perfect place. During childhood, dream and imagine. In the teenage years, we demand, decorate, and keep to our own rooms. Living in your own house or apartment in Brisbane gives you’re the freedom to decorate how you like it, bring in as much or no pets as you please, play your kind of music, and get the biggest bed or stack up as much books as you want. It’s your world after all, and you only have your comforts to please.

Having that comfort place is essential for us to recover physically and mentally from the harshness of the real world and be refreshed and ready for another day of work pressure, competition, and stress.

Eliminates a lot of life’s burdens

Living on your own means you’re only truly responsible for yourself. You don’t have to deal with your flatmate’s heartaches, if they’re losing their job, or if your mother likes you home by seven. You don’t have to be worry about synchronising your schedule with the other people you’re living with, or be forced to eat dinners most people prefer, avoid getting on other’s space, and try to get-along with everyone.

Encourages self-realisation and creativity

Time alone opens up our creativity. It gives you time to think, innovate, and do things you like, and how you like to do it. Being on your own gives you the chance to know yourself better, learn your motivations and desires, as well as your strength and weaknesses. It is only after knowing your true self that you truly express yourself – through your art, profession, vocation, and how you deal with people around you. Designers, writers, composers, and other artists know the value of solitude to the realisation of their artistic pursuits.

Instils personal pride and confidence

Living, thriving, and flourishing in a competitive world, alone and without relying on anybody else gives a euphoric sense of achievement. Independence is a powerful confidence booster and people who live alone are most likely to achieve more and advance faster in their careers. They are more focused, innovative, risk-takers, and go-getters. They work hard and take pride on their achievements – including the home they live in and in how they live.

Freedom from judgements

Play your type of music, as loud as you like, without the need for headsets. You can strip constricting clothes as soon as you close the front door. Eat meals that you love, when and where you like to. Go as messy or as spotlessly clean as you want. You can do anything and everything, without having to worry what others would think. And it also applies the other way around. You can stop complaining or avoid the frustration and headache of living with people who you think are too noisy, too messy, or too straight-up.

Allows better control of your finances

Living on your own gives you total control to almost all aspects of your life, most especially the financial aspect. Flatmates can subsidise housing, utilities, and other living costs. Living with your parents could possibly save you rent money and other expenses. But, living with other people also puts you in a situation where you could be responsible to bigger and unexpected expenses. Your flatmate could lose their job, take you on unexpected parties and splurges. Living on your own Brisbane apartment will enable you learn financial proficiency that you will need to better manage your money and future.