How to Party in your Small Apartment

Have you been holding off throwing a party in your apartment because you think you don’t have enough space? You will be surprised how people are having parties in their Brisbane apartments with no trouble at all! The secret is in planning, organizing, and working with what you have. Here are some tips to help you throw that big bash with minimal stress.

1.       Plan the guest list – Space will be your biggest challenge. But if you plan and pare down your guest list to just about a dozen, you will have ample space even for dancing. Your party will be intimate, so select guests according to the occasion. And make sure to advise them against bringing somebody else without clearing with you first.

2.       Move furniture around – If you’re throwing a dinner party, place the dining table in the center of the room where there is enough space. If the party is all about drinks and dancing, move furniture to the side and hook up some disco lights around your makeshift dancefloor. Place seats against the wall and use your kitchen counter as food stand.

3.       Forego of the sit-down dinner – There are many ways to dine other than the traditional sitting around the table arrangement. The buffet style will let your guests sit anywhere and with the people they prefer and change whenever they like. The setup encourages movements and interaction. Without the table in the center, you have more moving around space.

4.       Use communal areas – If you are holding a bigger party, your apartment might not be enough to accommodate your guests. However, most apartments in Brisbane have several communal areas like the garden, the roof deck, a club house, a community center, or a social hall. Owners are entitled to use these facilities for free or with minimal charges, you will just need to schedule the event and reserve the space for your party.

5.       Turn your apartment into a party zone – Yes, use your entire apartment space for the party. Place some chairs in the balcony and around the kitchen counter. Push your bed against the wall and convert it into a luxurious couch. You can also throw some pillows on the floor of some cozy corner for a more hippie vibe. Shelves can hold plates, napkins, glasses, and food platters. Fill your sink with ice and use as a cooler for beverages.

6.       Take out all unneeded bulky items – Clear out all unnecessary items from your apartment like shoe racks, desks, or indoor plants. You can ask a neighbor to hold them for the occasion. And while you’re at it, you can also borrow extra chairs for the party.

7.       Serve easy to handle party foods – Choose your party menu wisely. Steak and gravy might not be the best choice as it will needs ample preparation time and has to be eaten with knife and fork. Opt for dishes that looks good, delicious, don’t come with sauces, and can be eaten by hand. Serve bite size portions. Finger foods are popular because they are easy to manage and can be eaten even when standing up.

Before throwing a bash in your apartment, make sure to check with the administrators first. Apartments in Brisbane have different specific rules concerning holding parties and events. Remember that parties might create noise and disturbance to your neighbors. It is best to always refer to the rules to ensure your harmonious relationship with the people near you.