Getting Ready for the Big City Life

Moving from a small town to big city is a major undertaking. Whether you are starting a new career or a new family, getting into college or into a more independent phase in life – you are in for a great adventure. Despite the elegant apartments in Brisbane, the chic cafés, and other attractions of the big city, leaving behind your old house and small town comforts you are used to is not easy. Preparation is essential if you are to make your big city life a success.

Here are some tips that can help you prepare for the exciting life in the urban jungle;

Know your new city as soon as possible – Learn and get to know your new city as much as you can. Before you even move research on its social, cultural, economic, racial, religious, and political landscape. How will you fit in? Once you’ve moved in, get to know your neighbourhood. Identify commuting options, know where the nearest convenience stores, hospitals, drug stores, restaurants, parks, and churches are. Talk to the people and start making friends.

Driving will be a whole new experience – Big city driving a lot different from the big country drives you love. Traffic is dense, parking is limited, and getting lost is a lot easier in the city. City blocks can look similar, especially for new residents who hasn’t had the chance to know the city very well. Most cities have great public transport systems and you don’t have to drive on your day-to-day living. Use of the public transport, cycling, or walking are excellent alternatives to driving around the city, while you get to know the lay of the land.

Personal space are highly valued – Geographic density in the city is multiplied way times over that of a small town. People live in small spaces. Houses and apartments in Brisbane CBD and its surrounding areas are way smaller than those in the suburbs and small towns. They share public transports like the commuter trains and buses. Despite the proximity, city dwellers respect the personal space of his neighbor, and expects the same back. So, before you blast your speakers, consider your neighbours. Before engaging in loud conversation in the train with your friend, think of the person sitting next to you. While it is customary for small talk in a small town, it is not always welcome in the city.

Expect to meet people from all walks of life – Brisbane city attracts people from different towns and provinces of Australia. People from neighbouring Asian countries and from all over the world are also flocking into the city. You will meet people with different languages, cultures, and upbringing. This can be exciting. Open your heart and mind to learning new things. Respect individuality and appreciate the diversity. Also remember that some people are out to exploit others, especially those new in the city. Expect the best and the worst kind of humanity in the city.

Dining will be different – Food in the city will be so different from your small town fare. Fast food chains will replace your small town diners. Cafes and restaurants might have the same food in the menu, but expect the flavours to vary. Food in general are more expensive in the city. Waiting for a table or calling for a reservation is not unusual. And in most city restaurants, you are expected to keep to your own affairs. So, do not engage people in the next table for small talk, unless very necessary. This again reflects the personal space rule in the city.

Learn the unspoken city rules – Cities and its residents have its own sets of unspoken rules that applies to everyone in public places. Inside elevators, commuter trains, on escalators, standing in queue, in churches, and in public parks – people are expected to adhere to etiquette. Always keep to the right, avoid eye contact, greet people, do not greet people, and keep your phones in silent mode, and a lot more. It might be perfectly acceptable to greet your neighbor in the lobby of your Brisbane apartment, but not in the restaurant. The best way of learning these rules is by observing how other people are doing it.