Turn a Bachelor’s Pad into a Man’s Home

A large portion of Brisbane apartments are home to the city’s single men. Apartments are popular largely because of the lifestyle it offer. When you think of a bachelor’s pad, you think of sports equipment strewn around, as much gadgetry as the room can take, and sexy posters. But things have changed. What was once norm to a man cave are now simply messy, tacky, and ugly. One thing remains – apartments are still a popular home choice for single men.

Your home is a reflection of you. If you think the dark and over-the-top concept of the traditional bachelor’s pad applies to your personality, then stop reading this. This article is for those who would like to create a space they will want to live in and be proud of.

First thing to do is to determine your style. Are you the classy guy who would go for the sleek, shiny, and edgy? Do you prefer the rustic styles to match your rugged masculine persona? Or are you the nice-guy-next-door type who wants a home that your dog would be comfortable in? Once you’ve decided on the type of home you want, you’re ready to decorate.

The Bedroom – Go minimalist, a large bed, a bedside table, and a lampshade are all you need. Keep the walls bare except for something bold over the headboard. White sheets, bare floors, strong dark color schemes contribute to a restful atmosphere and will reflect a strong, practical, and decisive personality.

The Bathroom – Do not skimp on your bathroom. Keep the lines clean and décor to minimum but invest in high-end amenities. Avoid tiles that are too bright and with too busy designs. Go for the rain shower, the sleek faucets, and large fluffy towels.

The Entertainment Room – In most Brisbane apartments, the entertainment room is the focal point of a bachelor’s pad. It is as expected as most guys are fixated with the newest and coolest gadgetry. To keep your entertainment room classy, go for the largest TV you can afford and keep the others hidden and as small as you can get them. This includes the speakers, the players, the CD racks, the woofers, and other accessories. Complete the room with a good quality couch and carpet.

The Living Room – This is your receiving area, where you will invite your guests to sit. Thus it is important that your living room design is on point and matches your persona. It is best if the room offers a good view, which is always a good conversation piece. Keep your color scheme to the neutrals and add colorful appliques or metallic items to break down the monotone. Make sure the seats are comfortable and if you want to crowd a wall, better do it with books.

The Kitchen – Not all guys engage in regular and elaborate home cooking. But you will still need a kitchen regardless. Go for smooth countertops for easy clean-up. Make sure there is enough room in your cabinets and pantry for all your essentials. Buy a large fridge and invest in quality wine glasses if you enjoy entertaining at home.

What to throw out

Empty liquor bottles – Any evidence of hard liquor consumption will do you no favor.

College jersey and pennants – It’s like holding on to your long (or recently) gone youth. You’re living on your own now, it’s time to embrace the more mature you.

Toy collection – It’s time to throw out, or at least banish to somewhere not readily accessible, your Lego toys, toy cars, or DVD collection.

Racy posters and items – We are now in the age of gender equality. It is best to throw out or hide away politically unacceptable posters, toys, and reading materials.

Think of your Brisbane apartment as the haven that your will go home to, every day. Decorate to impress you, not your buddies, your guests, or your mother. Forget what the traditional and expected, take note of what is taboo and offensive, and keep up with the times. Create a home that will reflect you and your personality.