Apartment Moving In Tips to Avoid Stress

Moving into your new apartment in Brisbane can both be exciting and overwhelming. Planning and preparation are the keys to easier moves. Aside from the usual planning and packing involved in moving, there are things you need to consider when you are moving into an apartment.

A month before the move…

Know your new space – There won’t be much space to spare in your new apartment. Before you pack or shop for new furniture, measure all the rooms and know how much space you have.

Organize your new home plan – Make a list of the things you will need for your new home. Make sure that everything will fit into your new space. Then create a list to pack and another one to buy.

Set the date early – Set your moving in date early. This will help you coordinate your schedule and those of the people who may want to help you settle in. Let them your inner circle know of the date. Take few days off from work and plan your packing accordingly.

Contact utilities – Apply for service contracts for the utility companies you will need for your new home. Make arrangements to start the service on your move in day or a day before. While cable, phone, and internet can wait, you will certainly need electricity and water on the day you move in.

Call the movers – Shop around for the best movers who can accommodate your needs and will match your budget. Get recommendations from friends or from your new apartment administrator. Movers are likely to give you a better price if you book early. Note that not all movers specializes in high-rise moves.

Book the service elevator – You will need the service elevators exclusively for your move. Know the apartment’s policy on use and booking of elevators. Some Brisbane apartments only allow certain time of the day for moving in.

Two weeks before the move…

Purge your stuff – if you are moving from a house to an apartment, you are most likely to have excess baggage. Identify the things you are going to bring with you and the packing you will need. Arrange for storage for those items that you can’t bring but would still want to keep. Dispose, donate or organize a garage sale for items that you can live without.

Start packing – Gather all your packing supplies – boxes, tapes, labels, cords. Start packing the non-essentials like spare sheets, non-season clothes, and furniture.

Notify your present utility providers – Let your present utility providers know of your impending move, and make arrangements to cut the service on the day you’re to move out.

Change your address – Notify your bank, your kids’ school, your boss and office, your friends and your family of your new address. Let the postal service know of the move and arrange for forwarding your mails.

Plan for your pets’ or children’s care – Children and pets are better off somewhere else during the move. They can only be underfoot and stressed. Arrange for a sitter, friend or relative to care for your kids or pets.

A week before the move…

Confirm arrangements – Call your movers, your new Brisbane apartment admin, the sitters, and new utility providers to confirm arrangements. Also check with your friends and family

Finalize packing, except for the essentials – You should have your boxes properly taped and labeled. Have spare boxes ready for the essentials like kitchen utensils, pots, and personal stuff.

Organize valuables and important documents – Take an account of your valuables like jewelries and important documents. Avoid losing or damaging valuables during the move by placing them in a safebox or packing them away first.

Prepare cash – Make sure to have enough cash handy you can use for incidentals during the move.

Check your car – Expect to load up your car during the move. Although you’ve hired movers to transport most of your belongings, some boxes containing bare essentials – change of clothes, toiletries, and valuables are better to go with you. Make sure you tune up and check gears, especially if you need to drive long.

Food inventory – Take a stock on what you have in the freezer. You might want to use all you have as you will need to unplug and de-frost your fridge and freezer. Also, you wouldn’t want to transport food along with the things you have to move.

Never consider cooking on the day you move in. You would be too tired and stressed to even look for the appropriate pan. Instead, walk around your new neighbourhood and find a good restaurant to celebrate your new home. Or, you can order delivery, pop up wine, and have dinner on the balcony of your Brisbane apartment, enjoying the views of the city.

When moving, you can never be too prepared. Changing homes, packing, unpacking, and adapting to new surroundings will always be a hassle. But if you prepare enough, you can minimize the stress, frustration, and unnecessary spending.

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