A Serious Discussion on Downsizing

Micro-homes, mini-apartments, and the off-grid trend is rising. More and more people are now opting the streamlined lifestyle of small-living. You can now easily find Brisbane apartments that are smaller and greener. Looking into its concept, there are advantages to downsizing your lifestyle. Minimal living costs, simpler lifestyle, and reduced personal carbon footprint are just some of the most notable benefits of going off-grid or opting for smaller homes.

However, there are also disadvantages to downsizing. It means doing away with some of life’s comforts. You can’t have your king-size bed, a breakfast nook and a formal dining room, or a room for your billiards table. Downsizing also means adopting a simplified lifestyle, moving to a new neighbourhood, and sweating it off.

Before you ultimately plunge into downsizing, here are some points to ponder in a serious discussion on downsizing;

How much space do you really need?

Do you need your spare room for all your hobby stuff? Can you share bathrooms? Do you usually have families or friends coming over for the weekend? Are you a gardener? A smaller home could save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance expense, but can you be truly happy with the limited space? Some people can get used to the ample space of their present home and might be able to adjust to a crammed living. Downsizing is perfect for retirees or empty nesters trying to get rid of extra rooms and stuff no longer needed.

Are you willing to move to another location?

Downsizing might require you to move from one neighbourhood to another, from the suburbs to the country, or to an apartment. Brisbane apartments are great downsizing option. They offer streamlined living for people who still prefer to live within the city. Can you leave behind your family, friends, or your favorite neighbourhood baker? But moving can be a good thing and most welcome to those who wants a new start, meet new friends, and learn new things in life.

Can you part with your stuff?

Small-living means going to the bare necessities. If you don’t absolutely need it, you lose it. Are you the person who collects stuff? Can you easily and wholeheartedly live without the large and comfortable furniture? If you’re the type who would love to be surrounded with collected memorabilia, downsizing might not work for you. Going small means less of the bluff, focusing on what matters, and living a richer life.

Can you give up your present lifestyle?

Most downsizers are eager to leave their present lifestyle in exchange of a simpler, richer, and smaller way of living. Are you looking forward to live differently? With new a routine, fewer stuff, and probably less comfortably? Living small for few weeks will give you the idea of how life would be after you downsize. If you think you can’t easily give up gardening or truly loves entertaining friends in your home, take a trial period before fully committing yourself to change.

The small living movement is not only for retirees or empty-nesters. Younger generations recognize the advantages and are embracing the lifestyle. If you cannot commit to a full off-grid living, start with a more simplified lifestyle. The right Brisbane apartment can complement your goals without sacrificing life’s comforts. Call us to know the best Brisbane apartments that will fit you and click here to get in touch with the best real estate agents who can help you with all your real estate needs.