Is Condo Living for you?

Working, sleeping, working, cooking, or simply living in a place higher than most can be exhilarating! No wonder Brisbane apartments and condo towers are getting higher more than ever. Condo living is usually associated to elite, chic, dynamic, and youngish people. However, societal trends in the last few years has shifted the housing continuum of the city. Older people, young families, and even investors are starting to look into apartment housing as a viable alternative.

So, what it’s like living in one of those fashionable, often steel and glass towering towers?

Awesome Views

Living in apartment towers give you your fill of great views. Wouldn’t it be awesome waking up to uninterrupted river views or having dinner with the city lights as your backdrop? Most condos and apartments in Brisbane maximize gorgeous views with floor to ceiling windows and glass walls.

Amenities Galore

Few single family homes are equipped with swimming pools, gyms, saunas, business centres, tennis courts, and other amenities usually offered in condominium towers. Of course, you can build or install anything you want, except that they are horrendously expensive. Owning an apartment also gets you access to all facilities in the building.

Minimum Maintenance Work

Home ownership comes with burden of maintaining the home. This involves a list of chores and work that needs to be done regularly, including roof cleaning and maintenance, re-painting, window washing, lawn mowing, gardening, pruning, fencing, and a lot more. All these and more are professionally handled by the building administration. All you have to worry is the maintenance of what’s inside your unit.

High Level Security

Home security is important to all of us. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone is always manning your front door? Most apartments in Brisbane have a security detail 24 hours a day, state-of-the-art lock system, and security cameras installed. At the least, you will get a secured main door that can only be accessed by residents.

Location, Location

Brisbane apartments have the best addresses in the city. You can be within walking distance from your office and business centres, and next door to parks, theaters, shopping centres and restaurants. Living centrally can afford you to eliminate regular commute time and expense, which you can spend on things that you love doing.

Affordability and Wise Investment

Apartments in Brisbane are generally more affordable than land and home packages. This is the reason why condos are popular first home option. Aside from the lower prices, apartments are also good real estate investments. Resell is not a problem, and because of its prime location, renting out is also easy.

The Drawbacks

Before you decide whether apartment living is for you, know first its downsides. First, you will be paying condominium fees. This is not related to the home purchase or mortgage, rather it is in connection to the living amenities, maintenance work, and security of your building. Consider this as your home maintenance expense. Another drawback is the limited space. No expansion plans possible. Lastly, closed in community living. Your neighbours are just a wall away. You might be able to hear them partying, you will share facilities like the garden, the pool, the gym, and you are likely to meet the same people in the lobby or the elevators every day.

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