Most Common Small Space Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

We can only get as much space in our apartment. Room expansions, adding another storey, and tearing down walls are absolutely out of the question. When buying apartments in Brisbane, make sure that you are getting the minimum space you will need. After signing on the purchase contract, you will just have to deal of what space you have.

Decorating small spaces is a challenge not many succeeds on. Strategically placed mirrors can trick the eye, but you need more than that to successfully convert your space in to a home. Here are some professional tips on avoiding small space decorating mistakes;

Blocking out natural light

Let in as much natural light as you can. Avoid heavy dark drapes that cut off light and creates a drastic wall. Instead, use light materials like cotton, silk, or linen in light neutral shades like cream, turquoise, or even in small summery prints. Your curtain should dress up your window, while still allowing light into the room.

Too many small stuff

Are you a hoarder or a collector? Holding on to too much stuff can eventually rob you of a beautiful home. And, of course, you want them all displayed for everyone to see. Too many small stuff can easily make your apartment look too crowded and cluttered. If you must keep things, have them in a storage or boxed and neatly stowed away from sight. Choose only a few of your favorite items to display.

Too much furniture

Having too much furniture is one of the top mistakes in decorating apartments in Brisbane. It congests your living space, block off fluid movements, and creates a stuffy and unpleasant ambiance. Make every furniture you bring in to your apartment count. Prefer multi-taskers like the dining table and desk, ottoman and storage, sofa and bed pieces. And get them only as big as you need.

Creating one big room

Open space concepts work well in homes with enough space.  But, when you have a small apartment, it will only create one big busy room. Create optical divisions to separate functional room spaces. A bookshelf can separate your bedroom from the dining room. A colorful rug could define your living.

Generic Walls

Light tones give the illusion of space. But too much of the same thing can be boring. Artfully changing color schemes throughout your apartment will give you cozy nooks or airy space where you want them. Instead of going for a light toned color for all four walls, use darker tones of the same shade to your bedroom or a dramatic hue for your living room.

Focusing only on the walls

Our decorating instincts often stop after finishing the walls, forgetting other opportunities like the ceiling and floors. There are so many ways you can dress up your ceiling, and turn it from insignificant to fabulous drawing the eyes up. Floors can be easily transformed with the right carpet color, tile design, or wood shade. Strategically add rugs to define space and break the monotone.

Missing out space

Many people fail to take advantage of the upper spaces within the apartment. Floor to ceiling shelves and cabinets can provide all storage you need. Elevating your bed and using the space below for closet or study area will not only provide much needed room, but also will remove the bedroom from plain sight.

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