Decorating your Apartment 101

Brisbane apartments are best associated with uptown addresses, glossy towers, and great views. They certainly deliver what are expected. What is often overlooked is that these apartments are also home to Brisbane’s city residents. And indeed, apartments in Brisbane can be as good a home as anywhere else.

How do you turn a hundred or so square feet space into a home?

With an apartment, you have only so much space to decorate on. Views and open windows are often limited to one direction. Outdoor space is as big as your balcony is. And floorplans are largely inflexible. These are just challenges, not obstacles. We’ve put together awesome professional tips in making a home out of your apartment.

Walls – Walls are your showcases. You can hang everything from decorative items like mirrors, pictures, and photo galleries to more functional articles like book shelves, televisions, and wall lamps. Before you work with the additions, first work with the wall. Make your statement with your wall paints, use accents, patterns, and highlights – whatever works with your style. Remember, lighter tones give airy and roomier feel, while darker hues are more cozy and defined.

Windows – Dress up your window to make the most out of it. Floor to ceiling glass windows are designed to take in light and offer views. It is best to just install two layers of custom made curtains, a light and shimmery layer to soften the outside and a dark heavier one you can pull up for a more cozy ambiance. If you have more traditional picture windows, play up the charm with cheerful curtains, window plants, blinds, and shades.

Floors – Your apartment floor will define room spaces. Texturize the floor for more drama and comfort. A statement rug in the middle of your living area and a small colorful pattern in your dining area can break the monotonous standard carpeting of the whole place. Distinctive tiles are great for your kitchen area, while wood floors bring in luxurious clean floor definition, just bring in eye-catching rugs to break the pattern.

Furniture – Space is a major consideration when decorating an apartment. Go only as big as you need. How much bed space do you need? If you’re living alone and isn’t expecting much company, a four sitter dining table is more than you need. Multi-purpose use of furniture will help you get the most out of it, and affords you extra space to move around in. Choose a couch that can also be a comfortable bed for unexpected guests, a coffee table that can store things under, and a bedframe with drawers to put your extra linens and sheets in.

Personal Accents – Personal effects are what take out the hotel generic feel of any house and turn it into a home, so put out as much personal touch as you can. Make your personal stamp in your Brisbane apartment, but as space is against you, make every piece count. Install floating shelves where you can put in your meaningful knickknacks, books, and pictures frames. Do not overwhelm your space as personal decorations can easily to clutter.

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