You, Your Apartment and the Lifestyle

At some point in our lives we get to live on our own. It could be during college days if your parents can afford to pay your apartment, after graduating, days of singlehood, and retirement. The trend of solo living in Brisbane is on the rise. More and more Brisbanites prefer the freedom, independence, and lifestyle of apartment living.

Living solo always comes with a major change in life. Entering adulthood, separation from or death of a partner, empty nest, and retirement. Thus, moving to live in an apartment alone is associated with a lot of emotional, psychological, mental, and sometimes financial strain.

Many consider living alone as quirky at the least. After all, cohabiting and living with people in a socially imposing society is more acceptable, understandable, and more normal. Who would want to spend nights and days alone, paying for and maintaining as much space that could accommodate more people, eat alone? Who doesn’t want constant company and interaction? Obviously, a lot.

For those who are contemplating on living alone in Brisbane apartments, those who are afraid of the thought of spending so much time alone, or have doubts to the perks of solo living, read on. Here are some advantages of living solo, from the people who have been living and enjoying the lifestyle.

Freedom – You own the space inside the four walls. Thus, you can do whatever you like with no reservations. You can play your own music, for as loud or soft as you like it. You can clean the house whenever and as often as you want to. There will be no one to brand you an OCD or as someone disgustingly messy. You hang the pictures and curtains you like, and you can roam around your domain however you like – naked, dirty, or in fancy heels.

You create your own cocoon – Jobs and daily demands of living can be harsh. Relationships with friends, co-workers, and family could keep you in haywire. Everything is uncontrollable, except what’s inside your apartment. Having your own domain can give you a respite to all of life’s harshness. You can be the efficient office girl, the brilliant lawyer, or the jolly old Grandpa to the world. Inside your home, you are yourself.

You are in control – People living alone takes pride in how they have a complete control with their lifestyle. They can go home anytime they want, no partners, housemates, or family to worry about. No need to adjust to other people’s schedules. They can eat out or cook in, whatever they want for the next meal. They can adopt a cat or a dog without worrying if other people in the house are allergic or if the dog barks a lot. People living alone create their own standards and have total control of their lives. They live the lifestyle they want.

Discover yourself – What better way to knowing yourself than to be just by yourself? How will you realize how you really want your eggs in the morning if someone is cooking it for you? How will you learn of your passion for bird watching if somebody is there to distract you with a movie? Will you really be able to write a book or create things from your own imagination if you somebody afoot all the time? Many people get to realize their true self after a period of living alone.

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