Reasons Why Apartments are best for Empty Nesters

People change housing needs as they go through different phases of their life. Newly independents with low income would probably go for rentals. As they earn more or become married, they would be buying their starter home or an apartment in Brisbane. As children start coming, they would upgrade to single family homes near schools with more rooms, large backyard, and a fence.

Once the children moved out and become independent, empty nesters would be looking into the many empty rooms and considering downsizing. The school crowd would suddenly be too rowdy, and the commute too tiring. Burst pipes, fences to mend, yard to maintain, and roof to clean. The house would just become too much to handle.

Their best option to lighten the burden without sacrificing homeownership and comfortable living is by moving to an apartment.

Convenient Location

Retirees and the elderlies don’t appreciate long commutes. Choosing an apartment for your downsizing means getting nearer the city hub and within convenient walking distance to workplaces and other important establishments like the churches, malls, theaters, hospitals, restaurants, and parks. Apartment residents are next door to all necessities in life. No need of driving or long commutes, instead, the city offers walking opportunities, a perfectly light exercise appreciated by retirees.

Just the Right Size

Apartments are perfect for empty nesters who don’t need more than two or three bedrooms and an extra dining area. After the children are gone, they can now do away with the large dining table, the basement room, and the second car. An apartment will give them enough space to move around and room for their stuff. A house would be able to accommodate all their needs, but would also likely to come with extra room to heat and clean.

Comes with Amenities

It is common for apartments in Brisbane to feature several amenities for its residents. Gyms, swimming pools, sauna, entertainment centers, and laundry are common in many apartments. Classier condo buildings include business centers, a concierge, tennis courts, and rooftop gardens. Membership comes with the unit and maintenance of the facilities are all included in the condo dues. So you can use and enjoy the facility without the expense and maintenance work and cleaning up to worry about.

No Heavy Maintenance Work

One of the best advantages of apartment living is the minimal to zero maintenance work. Work needed to maintain a single family home could be too heavy for middle aged homeowners. Climbing roofs to clean, re-painting, fixing fences, decks, and windows, and managing gardens and trees could be too much for older people not trained on heavy work, and expensive when done by contractors. All these are taken care of by professionals when living in condos and apartments. And the costs are lowered because it is shared by all residents.

More Affordable than a House

Finally freed of their financial responsibilities to their children, many empty nesters would now be considering slowing down if not retiring. Income brackets might dip due to a more relaxed work approach. Apartments in Brisbane are generally more affordable than land and home packages. Retirees can afford to sell their homes, buy an apartment, and still have spare cash for future need. Apartment maintenance costs are also more manageable, no surprise expense due to roof leak or broken window panes.

Home Security and Safety

Retirement comes with the freedom to do things you’re not afforded with while working. Middle aged, retired, with enough savings, and with more than enough time on hand, people think of travelling. Leaving an empty house for long periods of time is an invitation to burglary and break ins. Securing a single family home would need expensive security devices and maybe hiring a home sitter. When living in an apartment, you don’t have to go the extra mile to secure your home. Most apartment buildings have in-house security personnel and state-of-the-art security system installed. You only have one door to lock. Ideal for people are mostly away at work or travel.

Apartments in Brisbane offer secure, comfortable, and affordable home options for the elderly, retirees, and empty nesters. This is important, as older people would like to minimize the myriad of little things to be taken cared of to live comfortably.

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