Comparing Low Rise VS High Rise Apartments

Can’t decide whether to go for the swanky high-rises or the quaint low-rise apartments? There are a whole range of apartments in Brisbane, from cozy low-rise, artsy mid-rise, and the condo towers. Every building has its own pros and cons.

Which apartment type is best for you? It depends on what matters to you.

The Lifestyle

High rise apartments are more intended for the dynamic and on-the-go people. They offer convenience and amenities that complement a person who would like to enjoy the best in life and is willing to pay for it. High rise residential towers feature amenities like swimming pools, sauna, gym, business centers, and a 24-hour concierge. Low rise apartments are designed to people who wants a comfortable, friendly, and low-key style of living. Low risers often have fewer residents, gardens, and a familiar and friendly manager.


Upper floors have lower foot traffic and because they are farther from the street level, lower noise pollution. High rise condominiums are also complete with a cafes, convenience stores, delis, and even laundry services. It is unlikely for you to get a knock from your neighbor asking to borrow sugar. On the other hand, you’re very likely to bump into your neighbor in the hallway of low rise apartments. Parking is usually in a shared space, and recreation areas are the common rooms, gardens, or the patio. These are best suited for people who like to be in a community.

Your Type of Neighbourhood

If you want to live in a neighbourly and friendly community go for the low rise apartment. High rise residential apartments are usually located in highly congested areas like city centres and downtown areas. Low to midrise apartments in Brisbane are common in the fringes of the city or in suburban areas. So if you need to walk your dog or like to be near fresh produce markets, you’re better off in a low rise apartment. But if you like walking to your office, to the theater, or the bar, go for a high-rise.

Your Budget

High rise apartment buildings are completely equipped with all human comforts and amenities. It is also usually located in prime areas. Thus, you can expect fees to be also in the high end. If money is a concern, you can always choose a low rise apartment. Fees are lower. However, you also need to take into consideration the location and amenities offered. Count in the savings you can afford from free gym use, walking to the office, cable, and laundry.

Outdoor Living

Do like to spend time outdoors and like outdoor activities? Low rise apartments often have patios and gardens where you can enjoy reading or lounging with other residents. Except for your private balcony, high rise apartments rarely have outdoor areas.  Apartment towers are more likely to be in a highly polluted area – noise, air, and traffic. While low rise apartments in Brisbane are more likely to be in a peaceful, friendly, and pollution free suburban community.

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