Great Ideas for your Garden in the Sky

Despite its many advantages, the lack of open land or backyard space is often a big drawback for gardeners to own apartments in Brisbane. Gardening is a popular hobby. And more than few people are so used to growing their own herbs, or into collecting cacti. But with the growing trend of apartment living, many gardeners are forced to come up with non- ground gardening ideas. Urban gardening has become widespread and gained momentum with the movement of gardeners to the city.

If you are thinking of putting a pot of something green on your kitchen window shelf or in your balcony, go for it! You are doing yourself and your city a favor by adding a fresh breath of oxygen to the smoke and heat of the city.

Here are some great ideas to help you cultivate a sky garden;

Wall Gardening – This is a relatively new concept of gardening. Where you lack floor space, use the wall. Choose a wall, preferably outside in the balcony or near the windows, as your garden site. Best sites are those getting the most sun exposure and where you could easily plan the watering and irrigation system. Build shelves or a scaffolding where you will be placing your pots. You can also use old shoe organizer pockets, jars, or tin cans instead of pots. Limit your plant choices to smaller species.

Balcony Garden – Turn your balcony into a green nook. Plan your garden carefully, given the limited space. Prefer plants that can withstand long hours under the sun, so you don’t need to move them in and out of the sun. Some of the best vegetables to grow in balconies are tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, cabbages, peas, and shallots.

Layer Potting – Take three or four pots in different sizes. Place the biggest pot in a corner, fill with dirt, and then place the second largest pot in the middle. Plant on the exposed sides. Repeat the same procedure with the other ports until you have the smallest pot on top. Enjoy your layered pot garden. Create a beautiful tower with colorful leafy or flowery shrubs.             

Bring in the Fragrance – Nothing beats the fresh and heavenly fragrance of flowers in your Brisbane apartment. A patch of moonflower, jasmine, or hyacinth can bring in gay colors and delightful natural perfume to your apartment. Herbs like rosemary, mint, and lavender are also choice container plants great for it inherent smell as much as for cooking.

Hang them up – There are countless species of hanging plants to suit your garden. Creepers will fall nicely when grown in hanging pots. Grape ivy, philodendrons, and Boston fern are sturdy greens that keep great shape hanging. Hanging plants can also be your table centerpiece for special dinners. Just bring the pot down and arrange the trails.

Get the right floor – Indoor gardening can easily damage your floor. Before you start your apartment garden, make sure that you have the right floor for it. Tiles are best as they are water resistant and easy to clean. Tarp covers can help protect floors from water damage.

Keep your apartment garden tidy and manageable. Plant only as much as you can manage. Carefully choose the plants, as you can you get as much space. If you’re into vegetable or herb gardening, choose those that you eat and use. If you’re usually out or have limited time, pick hardy plants like calathea, crown of thorns, dracaenas, or the Zeezee plant. Avoid thorny or poisonous plants especially if you have young children or pets at home. Aside from balcony and window gardening, rooftop gardens are also popular in Brisbane apartments. Converting roofs into greeneries will help cool the building and fight air pollution in the city.

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