Creative Space Savers for your Apartment

One of the challenges of apartment living is the lack of space. The option of expansion is zero. Even if you buy the unit next to you, you cannot knock down the wall in between or create a hole in it. The property domains of owning an apartment in Brisbane will let you alter the inside of your unit provided the change will not affect the structural composite of the building.

But then, you still have the inside of the apartment, and you can always manage your space for optimal use. Here are some tricks and treats that can help you get the most out of your limited space.

Sofa Beds – Most homes would need at least one extra room for guests. You don’t have to sleep on the floor or share the bed with any surprise guest. Just install a well-designed sofa bed in the living room. Sofa beds are sofas that can easily be converted into comfortable beds whenever necessary.

Unconventional Beds – Living with the whole family in an apartment can be tough. Most apartments have one to two bedrooms, and that can be a challenge for families with more than three members. However, there are several unconventional beds that you can use. Double bunk beds are ideal for children’s’ rooms. A fold-away bed can be used during nighttime and hidden at daytime.

Hanging Shelves – Keep things from the floor and nicely organized in hanging shelves. Picture frames, mementos, and books beautifully arranged on hanging shelves in the living room will add character to the room, without cramping floor space. Instead of putting a night table in the bedroom, create more space with several layers of shelves on the wall. Enough to contain your books, electronics, knick-knacks, bags, and sundries. And kitchens can never have too much space, so add more with some hanging shelves.

Loft Bedroom – This is a great idea for studio apartments in Brisbane. Create additional space by putting your bedroom up. This leaves you with a usable space underneath, ideal for a closet, work or study area, or a snug area for your dining table. You also get some sort of privacy with your bedroom off the floor.

Room Dividers – These do not technically add to your living space. But room dividers can define space, and that gives the illusion of more room. Room dividers can also be functional. You can use a box shelf for your books and things, a TV stand, a picture wall, or even the kitchen counter to divide a room.

Storage Pockets – Use every available space for storage. Extra linen can be stored under the bed, you can store out of season shoes under sofas and ottomans, and under window seats are great spaces for books to read. Use dining and coffee tables with usable space under. If you have stairs, use the space under as bookshelves, closet, shoe cabinet or pantry.

Go Minimalist – This does not only apply to your home design and décor. Minimalism can also be your way of living. Do you really need a queen-size bed? Isn’t it time to throw away clothing that no longer fit? And you don’t really need a sitting room in addition to your living room, do you?

Brisbane apartments are becoming popular because of their great locations and investment features. The easy, hassle-free lifestyle of living in Brisbane apartments is also favored by many. The limited space is one of its drawbacks, but with the many options, it is just one inconvenience we can always graciously deal with.

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