20 Easy Tricks to Make your Apartment Look Bigger

Downsizing and the micro home movement are becoming more popular. Whether you are starting out and buying your first home, or empty-nesting, a smaller home is your sensible choice. It is more affordable, easier to maintain, and is just the right fit. Brisbane apartments also offer great location, amenities, and are excellent investments.

One big challenge for apartment owners is the limited space. To help out, here are few tricks up your sleeve that can make your home appear and feel a lot roomier.  

1.       Maximise Vertical Space

Do not waste that ample vertical space. Install bespoke shelves over desks, beds, along the hallway, and counters.

2.       Use Mirrors

This is the most commonly trick used to make rooms appear more spacious than it really is. Mirrors extend the vision and can instantly make the room appear larger.

3.       Glass Furniture

Clear furniture opens the room, eliminates sight barriers, and creates an illusion of open space.

4.       Open Windows

Open up windows and extend the room. Opt sheer and light curtains over dark heavy ones. Skip window trims and shades.

5.       Anything Foldable

Pick anything foldable – chairs, tables, beds, even kitchen. You can take them out when used and fold them away when not. Foldable furniture will enable you to manage space easier.

6.       Discard Excess Baggage

Throw away, put in storage, or donate stuff that you no longer need, or would be using anytime soon. You don’t need two blenders, clothes two sizes too small, last year’s magazines, or half a dozen bottles of shampoos.

7.       Bigger, Fewer Furnishing

Your apartment will look a lot roomier with few big furniture than with a clutter of small furnishings. Choose few key pieces and avoid the extras.

8.       Loft Sleeping Area

Bespoke sleeping loft installation are popular among smaller and studio apartments. The upper space is used as sleeping area and the lower space can be used as study, storage, or office.

9.       Organise with Organisers

Organisers will help you maximise storage space in the kitchen, closets, and cabinets. Organisers will created designated spaces for specific items and help you monitor stuff you own and what you need.

10.   Dress Up the Ceiling

A dazzling and extraordinary ceiling will draw the eye upwards, away from the crowded lower half of your apartment.

11.   Lighter Shades

Whites, beiges, and light pastels create an illusion of space. On the contrary, dark shades could make the room appear smaller.

12.   Double Purpose Furniture

Invest in smart and multifunctional furniture that will save you space. Sofa bed, desk with storage, stairs/shelves, and bench/storage are some of smart pieces for your apartment.

13.   Floating Shelves

Open floating shelves offer additional storage space without making the room appear smaller. Do not overcrowd the shelves and paint them in colours close to if not the same as the wall.

14.   Behind the Door Storage

The flat space behind the door can help a lot declutter your room. Add hooks, hanger, or pocket organisers for things you’d like accessible but out of site.

15.   Peg Boards

Peg boards are versatile storage aids that are very handy organising small items. Use them in the kitchen, closets, and craft areas.

16.   Multifunctional Rooms

Creating multifunctional rooms are becoming commonplace. If you can assign two or more functions to a room, you save a lot in space and money. Dining rooms are incorporated with the kitchen, living rooms also serve as family rooms, and study areas are now inside bedrooms.

17.   Digital Paintings

Scientifically designed canvas prints can serve as the focal point of the room and also trick the eye and make the room appear larger. Whether you would like the room to look taller, wider or deeper, a digital print is available for your need.

18.   Smart Bathroom Storage

Freeing floor space is key to an uncluttered and spacious bathroom. Install shelves or discrete cabinets over the toilet, under the sink, and even behind the door.

19.   Scale Down

Adopt a scaled down lifestyle. Instead of having a room for your office, try building one in a corner. Right size your fridge, bed, the oven, washer, and the dining table. Smaller appliances are more energy efficient, so you save space and money.

20.   Use Balcony Space

Don’t forget about the balcony space. It can be your hobby room, a small gym, or the breakfast nook.

There are furniture specifically designed to manage space – collapsible dining sets, fold-away kitchen counters, wall art that doubles as a table, and the hollow sofa for additional storage among others. Be imaginative when looking for options to maximise space. Call us to know the best Brisbane apartments that will fit you and click here to get in touch with the best real estate agents who can help you with all your real estate needs.