15 Money Saving Tips for Apartment Dwellers

young couple in apartment

It’s no secret, the cost of living in the city is higher than in the suburbs or the country. Although most Brisbane apartments are more affordable than landed properties in the suburbs, living in the city can be more expensive. Food, services, and amenities are generally more costly. But living in the city also offers a lot of opportunities to save.

Take on a roommate

Having a roommate means living with somebody – who can be a friend, or a total stranger. It’s a smart and sensible use of space or your extra room. You will also have somebody to live with – talk, share, and have fun with. Getting a roommate will also significantly reduce your expenses. It means sharing utility bills, food, and apartment fees and contributions. Choosing the right roommate is important. Click here for a more detailed guide on finding your ideal flatmate.

happy roommates

Cook your own meals

Restaurants and city cafes are notoriously expensive. Avoid eating out as much as you can. Cooking your own meals can help you save a lot. A restaurant meal can cost four times higher than a similar grub cooked from home. Cooking your own meals also ensure you of quality ingredients and content.

young family cooking in apartment

Brew your own coffee

It’s very easy to just get your daily caffeine fix from the nearby (dozens of them) coffee shop. However, the price of your morning drink can be easily reduced by brewing your own from home. A boutique coffee shop cuppa is around $3.50, and can easily go over $5.00 for special brews. Brewing your own coffee from home will cost you about $1.00-$2.00 a cup.

cup of coffee and beans

Wisely choose your providers

Utility bills can go up and take a big cut off your budget. However, we can hardly go without electricity, gas, water, cable, and internet connections. You can still control your utility expenses by choosing the best providers. Only subscribe to utilities you need. Shop around and ask for the best deals that will fit your needs.

utility man in uniform

Ditch the car

Being centrally located is one of the prime advantages of living in Brisbane apartments. You are virtually near everything – workplace, parks, amenities, and health care facilities. Your prime address can afford you to ditch the car, the commuting expenses, and the need to maintain a parking space. You can walk or cycle to everywhere. It’s healthier for you too!

young women walking in the city

Cultivate an herb garden

Do you think it’s impossible to have a garden in your apartment? Think again! Balcony and kitchen gardens are very popular in Brisbane apartments. With the limited space, choose wisely what you plant. Start with your favourite spices – sage, basil, mint, rosemary, chives, oregano, and parsley. You can also venture with smaller vegetable plants like tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and leeks.

potted herb garden

Buy fresh produce

Buy fresh, avoid processed and packaged food items. Know where the nearest markets and schedules for farmer’s markets. They offer the freshest and cheapest produce – fresh from the farm. Buying fresh and local is healthy, environmentally friendly, and will shave off a lot from your food allowance. You are also helping the local farming community.

vegetables on kitchen counter

Maximise natural lighting

Open up your windows and take advantage of natural lighting. Opt for units with wide windows and keep them open. It will also improve your home’s air circulation. Must high-rise apartments feature glass walls, just choose light and airy curtains for shade.

glass walls and indoor plant

Keep your appliances in tip-top shape

Make sure that ACs, heater, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other home appliances are regularly checked and cleaned. Clogged, dusty, and dirty machines will not work as efficiently as when they are clean, thus, increasing your power usage.

apartment heater cooler

Make use of the building amenities

Save on gym membership, pool fees, laundry expenses, and even cable subscriptions by simply using your building amenities. You can also save on your utility bills – lighting, internet, and heating or cooling, by staying in the maintained common areas.  

modern apartment building gym

Always unplug

Make it a habit to unplug. It is convenient to keep computer monitors, ovens, televisions, and even your coffee maker plugged in, ready for use. But, the phantom power usage adds up to your power bill. Always unplug to avoid paying for electricity you didn’t use and keep your expenses down.

electric power plugs

Use smart technology

Upgrade your incandescent bulbs and CRT monitors to the more efficient and sensible alternatives. LED or LCD monitors give clearer pictures, is a space-saver, and consumes a fraction of energy compared to its bigger predecessor. LED light bulbs last a lot longer than CFLs and incandescent bulbs. They are also a lot more energy efficient.

different light bulbs

Pay early

Pay your apartment fees early and save some money. Many apartments in Brisbane give discounts to residents paying their apartment dues in advance or in yearly basis. Interest fees and penalties are also applied to delinquent accounts.

apartment manager and resident

Entertain at home

Going out once in a while is perfectly fine, but if you are fond of entertaining, having a good time with friends, or just the company of like-minded people, it can be disastrous to your budget. Well, instead of going out, invite them to your home! This will save you a lot of money.

young people at a party

Simplify your lifestyle

The best way to save up is to live simply. No fuss, less drama, uncluttered. Keep things simple in your Brisbane apartment. Get rid of things you don’t use or need. Maintain a small circle of choice friends. Eat simple and healthy. Create a simple yet engaging routine – filled with things and activities that you really enjoy and love. Forget about the rest.

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