Make the move into luxury and lifestyle with a 3 bedroom Brisbane apartment.

We help you find the perfect luxury penthouse and 3 + bedroom apartment for your needs. We provide off the plan (new) apartments. This means you'll be the first owner of a beautiful new luxury apartment.

3 bedroom apartments in brisbane

if you're looking for quality, luxurious 3 bedroom apartments to either downsize, or improve your lifestyle you have arrived at the right place.

We will assist with:

  • Finding the right apartment for your needs (location, amenities, price and specific requirements)
  • Making sure you get the best deal possible
  • Giving you quality selections that you will not find anywhere else (we sell brand new, pre release luxury apartments)
  • Assisting you in the whole process
    • We connect you with the best agent to sell any existing property if required
    • We have tight connections with the major banks which can improve your financial position

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